7 Jan 2010

Unicef says third of Rendova needs emergency aid after Solomons quake

4:03 pm on 7 January 2010

The United Nations organisation UNICEF says over a third of Rendova's population in Solomon Islands still needs emergency aid after a series of earthquakes triggered a tsunami and landslides.

The organisation is still working with other agencies to help at least 1,500 people who've been displaced on the island.

The village of Bainara was worst hit with at least 60 homes damaged.

UNICEF's emergency response coordinator, Hamish Weatherly, says the team has visited many affected communities.

"They are obviously in a tough spot, it's very hard for them to access their gardens, their vegetable gardens where they grow root crops, they are struggling for food and a lot of their water sources have been damaged. It's quite hard to go fishing at the moment boats have been damaged and often there's turbulence around reefs after an event like this it's quite hard to get fish. As far as the basic necessities of life, their shelters have also been damaged, they are really found wanting."

Hamish Weatherly says emergency response teams, including World Vision, Save the Children and Oxfam are visiting Rendova and the less populated Tetepare island again today.

He says there were no further quakes overnight.