8 Jan 2010

Cooks PM defiant amid Democratic Party fracas

1:55 pm on 8 January 2010

The Cook Islands Prime Minister, Jim Marurai, says he remains a member of the Democratic Party despite recent ructions.

He says he is sick and tired of the upheaval following his decision last month to sack the former deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Sir Terepai Maoate.

He says the move led to the resignation of several other ministers and his supposed sacking from the Democratic Party.

"They wrote to me and say that they have no trust in myself and cabinet. No confidence. The last meeting we had I was told that I will be booted out. Until they formally tell me, yes."

Jim Marurai says political reform is one of the priorities this election year for his new look cabinet, but he says reforms need to be approved by parliament.

He says he was considering bowing out of politics at the end of this term but has since changed his mind.