11 Jan 2010

Inauguration of the Governor of the Northern Marianas today

6:26 am on 11 January 2010

Micronesian leaders and federal officials have confirmed their attendance at today's inauguration of the Governor of the Northern Marianas, Benigno Fitial, and the Lieutenant Governor Eloy Inos.

Among those expected for the event are the Palau President Johnson Toribiong, Guam's Governor Felix Camacho and the Federated States of Micronesia's Vice President Alik Alik.

From the US, the Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs at the Interior, Tony Babauta, will be present.

CNMI Superior Court Associate Judge Perry Inos will be administering the oath for the two leaders at the Saipan World Resort in Susupe.

Mr Fitial is only the second governor in CNMI's history to be re-elected after winning last year's first ever run-off election.