11 Jan 2010

Fiji interim regime probes Suva council staff over alleged blogging

3:21 pm on 11 January 2010

Fiji's interim government has confirmed that the Prime Minister's Special Investigation Team is investigating the 15 Suva City Council workers sent home last Friday.

The Permanent Secretary for Information, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, has told Fijivillage they will not divulge a lot of information at this stage.

The 15 council workers are reportedly still in the dark about their jobs, after they were sent home pending investigations.

Fijivillage says the 15 are under investigation for allegedly blogging against the government which came to power in a military coup.

The source says those who hold senior positions with the SCC have been sent home, and these include the Director Engineering, City Planner, Solicitor, and officials from the Health, Finance, Parking Meter and Business License Section.

Fiji is under a public emergency decree that censors the media.