12 Jan 2010

Air Fiji staff suffer after its demise

3:13 pm on 12 January 2010

A former Air Fiji supervisor says workers are struggling to survive with many still pleading for compensation from the now defunct airline.

Floyd Williams says he hasn't found much work since Air Fiji shut down last year, and says he's only been paid out for one week's wages to feed his family of four.

Fiji's transport union says about 50-percent of Air Fiji workers remain unemployed and the union has filed a compensation claim on behalf of workers.

The Tuvalu government, a major shareholder in the airline, is now considering the claim after deciding not to revive Air Fiji.

Mr Williams says compensation would help his family as he has had to get loans and seek financial help elsewhere.

"Well if only the management and shareholders of Air Fiji could just think of all the sweat and tears that we've shed for Air Fiji. A lot of pride we had, especially me, working for almost 15 years, I hope they do something or give us something in return. I wouldn't mind a letter of reference to help me find work elsewhere. Compensation would be good."

Floyd Williams, a former supervisor at Air Fiji