14 Jan 2010

Satellites from Tonga to help tsunami warnings

2:41 pm on 14 January 2010

Satellites launched from Tonga's soon to be built rocket pad could help warn Pacific nations of tsunamis.

The head of the American company Interorbital Systems, Randa Milliron says potentially a flock of satellites will be able to measure and track tsunami.

"We've been in discussions with the government in Tonga and there's a real desire to move ahead into the future and to use the benefits of space to improve life in the Kingdom and actually in the entire region."

Randa Milleron says trials of the satellite rockets are starting in the Mojave desert in the US in a few weeks and the first rocket is set to be launched from Tonga in December.

She says universities and governments will use the statellites and some artists have also been keen to be involved.