14 Jan 2010

PCRC says Fiji regime's pension cut decree is oppressive

3:01 pm on 14 January 2010

The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre in Fiji says the interim government's new decree to cut the pension payments of its critics is an oppressive measure and a violation of human rights.

The interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has told Radio Fiji the decree was passed last week and the government pension cuts are effective from this week for people who have spoken out against the interim regime.

The Director of the PCRC, Tupou Vere, says the Centre disagrees with the decree as pensions are a form of social security to retirees.

She says the move is indicative of the interim regime trying to remove any criticism against it.

"It's in violation of their human rights. And also in the future for any employee joining the labour market for the first time, they have to also consider their political view point if they want to speak out against this regime. So it is basically an oppressive measure."

Tupou Vere says the decree is an indication the regime is going too far.