15 Jan 2010

Samoa businesses come to aid of children of the low-paid

11:16 am on 15 January 2010

Nineteen children from the age of 6 to sixteen in Samoa will go to school

this year through an education programme by the Samoa Victim Support Group

and paid for by three businesses and companies who offer to help pay school

fees for children in low income families.

The children's parents were unable to send them to school because of

financial constraints but the organization has managed to get the support of

South Pacific Waters, Western Union and Movies 4 U to provide funds to pay

the school fees.

The nineteen children from the village of Tufulele were victims of street vendors at night when they used to sell flower leis to tourists and locals, however the Samoa Victim Support Group or SVSG was able to stop it through a campaign supported by the Ministry of Justice.

SVSG president, Lin Chang, says the education project will also benefit

other children who are not in school because of the same family economic