15 Jan 2010

Cook Islands Party dismissive of referendum call

3:58 pm on 15 January 2010

The Cook Islands Party says the government's plan for a referendum on whether political reform is needed is too vague.

The Prime Minister announced that work on the proposed referendum has begun so that it can coincide with the next election, which has to be held by September.

The CIP's vice president Mark Brown says it's just an attempt for the Prime Minister to gain favour among voters as this is an election year.

"We have our own views on political reforms and we're supportive of reforms. I think this is basically an attention grabbing statement by the Prime Minister to appease the public, to show them that he's doing something. The statement he made is that he's going to have a referendum asking people if they want reform. It's obvious that people want reform but what I think people want is some more concrete steps as to what type of reform is going to be taking place."

Cook Islands Party's vice president Mark Brown

A vote may also be held to gauge views on whether to have Sunday flights from Rarotonga to Aitutaki.