18 Jan 2010

New Solomons party aims to add stability to parliamentary politics

3:33 pm on 18 January 2010

A senior member of a new Solomon Islands political party says the grouping has been formed partly as a bid for parliamentary stability in the country.

The founders of the new Ownership, Unity and Responsibility Party, or Our Party, are the eight current members of the Opposition and Independent group in Parliament.

At yesterday's launch, the Our Party leadership said the party aimed to focus on providing basic services for all Solomons citizens.

Senior MP Patterson Oti says that provision of these services has long been hampered by a lack of discipline within the political landscape:

"That has been one of the reasons perhaps why although governments have been formed based on individuals based on some loosely-knitted political parties, we think basically that if we want to go down that line of political stability, we have to have a political party framework in place first."

Patterson Oti