18 Jan 2010

Solomons urge voters to only vote once

6:49 pm on 18 January 2010

The Ministry of Home Affairs in Solomon Islands is urging people to register only once for voting in this year's general election.

Its permanent secretary Fred Fakari'i says they hope a new updated register will help the process and eliminate the risk of corruption, ghost voting and villagers voting twice.

He says staff have been trained to help people register accurately to ensure every eligible voter casts just one vote in one place on election day.

"We want to ensure that people only register once and that's why we want to ensure that they only register in a particular constituency that they want to vote in, in this up and coming election. We want to make sure if they want to vote elsewhere we want to make sure that they are gotten rid of off the other register."

Fred Fakari'i says staff will work on the new register on January 25th until March as government funds have now been allocated for voter registration.

The electoral commission is staffed and funded by the Ministry of Home Affairs.