20 Jan 2010

Solomons says developed countries must show climate change commitments

11:02 am on 20 January 2010

The Solomon Islands environment minister says developed countries must now show full commitment in helping small island states adapt to climate change.

Under last month's Copenhagen Accord, developed countries have pledged funding for climate change adaptation for small island states and developing countries.

While being disappointed with the Accord, Gordon Darcy Lilo believes it's a good starting point, saying it's the first document where a strong political commitment has been given.

He says political leaders must now fulfill their promise.

"If it's to be agreed upon by the developed countries that this funding is to be made available it would have to be over and above the international development assistance level as presently offered. They must make that funding available and accessibility by countries affected should not be unnecessarily delayed."

Gordon Darcy Lilo hopes but questions whether a legally binding agreement could be reached by the end of this year.