20 Jan 2010

Solomons misses out on new voter registration centres

12:54 pm on 20 January 2010

The Solomon Islands Chief Electoral Officer still wants proposed amendments to the electoral act to be tabled in parliament.

Polycap Haununu says it is unfortunate that progress to amend the act has been slow as some amendments won't be ready to be applied in this year's election.

The changes result from discussions and feedback gathered since the 2006 election in a bid to improve the election process.

Mr Polycap Haununu says for example they'd hoped to set up centers for people to come to register to vote.

"Actually there's an amendment of having [to] have registration centres but it didnt go through this time. So maybe after the election then we will have that, maybe for the next general election."

Instead, Polycap Haununu says more than 700 staff will go house to house to register voters from January the 25th until March.