25 Jan 2010

New Caledonia's USTKE in extraordinary meeting

7:47 pm on 25 January 2010

New Caledonia's USTKE union has held an extraordinary general meeting amid reports of rifts within its ranks .

It was held just days after its leader, Gerard Jodar, was released from jail last week after serving seven months of his one-year prison sentence for his role in the violence during a strike last May.

The union is known as the most militant in the territory and has been involved in a range of protracted disputes.

The latest assembly was closed to the public and the media but the union's deputy leader, Marie-Pierre Goyetche, has told RFO television that all issues can be raised.

"Today the USTKE has this ability, to say how things are. There are no taboo issues within the union, we can hear everything and say everything."

Marie-Pierre Goyetche of the USTKE union