26 Jan 2010

Company interested in American Samoa govt cannery proposal

10:42 pm on 26 January 2010

A board member of Chicken of the Sea International, COSI, has expressed interest in a proposal from the American Samoa government to purchase the company's now closed cannery in American Samoa.

Having just returned from a meeting in Bangkok, American Samoa Governor Togiola Tulafonorevealed that he met Thirapong Chansiri to discuss the future of the COSI Samoa Packing facilities in Satala.

Togiola said Mr Chansiri expressed an interest in following up with his management team regarding the Government's proposal.

The Governor said he expected to hear back soon from COSI on their official response to their proposal.

He said in the meantime the government would continue to prepare to restore business and offer employment again by utilising the plant.

The governor didn't revealed additional details of the proposal to COSI but the administration had a $5 million appropriation bill pending in the Fono to purchase Samoa Packing assets.