28 Jan 2010

Tropical cyclone Nisha brings strong winds to American Samoa

8:33 am on 28 January 2010

American Samoa's National Weather Service says tropical cyclone Nisha, located about 144 kilometres southeast of Tutuila this morning, pummeled the island with winds of up 70 kilometres per hour.

The Meteorologist in charge, Leilua Akapo Akapo, says the cyclone while intensifying is moving away from Tutuila though it should continue to impact Manu'a for most of today.

He says a gale warning was issued this morning.

"My main concern is for people, especially in Tutuila, who are living in tents you know, any time the winds are gusting upto the 50s, there is a strong possibility that these tents may not be able to hold them."

Meteorologist Leilua Akapo Akapo.

Some schools have now been cancelled.