1 Feb 2010

Political reforms for Cook Islands said to have been watered down

6:04 am on 1 February 2010

A political reform campaigner in the Cook Islands says the cabinet approved proposal on reforms have been weakened to meet the needs of MPs.

Members of parliament are considering a proposal on political reform prior to elections and a possible referendum, amid ongoing political tensions with the Prime Minister and cabinet.

The Mou Piri Group for Political Reform's Teina McKenzie says while the proposal has some merit, some suggestions aren't in the best interests of the people.

"We believe that they've been watered down to appease the MP's that they have to get onside for these proposals to go through. It's a shame, it's a shame once again that we have to rely on MPs to make decisions for this country when the people want something different. So, we reiterate that signing our petition, which has not changed since it's come out is the best way forward for our country."

Teina McKenzie says the group has plans to table their petition to government soon.