2 Feb 2010

Penchard discusses electoral reforms with French Polynesia leaders

4:10 pm on 2 February 2010

The French overseas territories minister, Marie-Luce Penchard, has met pro-autonomy politicians in Tahiti to discuss French plans for a new electoral system for French Polynesia to add political stability.

Last month, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for change this year to end what he has likened to a vast comedy in French Polynesian politics.

The territory has its fourth president since the 2008 early election, with the first of them losing office a month into his five-year term .

Mrs Penchard says Paris will present a new system in late 2010 or early next year.

The change may include a reduction in the size of the assembly, a merging of constituencies and new obstacles in bringing no-confidence motions.

The system was changed under urgency in 2004 and then in twice in 2007, without there being an election between the last two reforms.