4 Feb 2010

Political backing for Amnesty call for investigation of controversial PNG police action

4:44 pm on 4 February 2010

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Enga Province, Peter Ipatas, supports Amnesty International's call for an independent investigation into last year's evictions at the Porgera gold mine.

Last year police conducted an operation to restore law and order around the mine.

Amnesty International has now released a report, documenting what it says were illegal police activities, including evictions and the burning down of the homes of permanent residents.

Peter Ipatas says Amnesty's call for an investigation makes sense.

"If anything happened and if people think that a government agency has acted outside our laws then obviously every one is subject to scrutiny. So I would assume that if there is an allegation that police mistreated their lawful duties then obviously government authorities need to investigate."

Peter Ipatas says the unique situation of people living within the mine area will continue to cause problems and the national Government has to relocate them.