8 Feb 2010

Nauru Government confident that public will back constitutional reforms

2:56 pm on 8 February 2010

Nauru's Government is confident this month's referendum on changes to the island's constitution will be successful, with many locals expected to vote in favour of change.

The referendum on February the 27th is the last step in a process to vote on four key amendments to the constitution.

They include electing the President by public vote, rather than MPs deciding, and strengthening the country's human rights legislation.

The Minister for Justice, Sports and Health, Matthew Batsiua says it is the result of consultations and negotiations stretching back six years.

"We're still optimistic, but because we've given everybody an opportunity to contribute to the process as I said, all views have been taken into account and we think what has proposed been is closer to what people want now and reflect what the majority of Nauruans would want to see changed in the supreme law."

Matthew Batsiua says it's hoped the constitutional reforms will end years of political instability.