18 Feb 2010

Tonga expected to embrace CEDAW once more democratic government elected

2:39 pm on 18 February 2010

The chairperson of Tonga's Youth Parliament says he expects the new Tonga Government, to be elected under planned democratic reforms in November, to ratify an international anti-discrimination agreement for women.

The comment was made in the context of a regional conference on the global economic crisis, where it was noted that countries with strong democracy cope best with financial hardship.

Tonga's Government has so far refused to sign CEDAW, or the Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, saying it would cut across the cultural and social heritage that makes up the unique Tongan way of life.

But Taniela Sila says democratic change is on its way.

"The change will come in November. Democracy will come in November. And I think the change will coming. It's a roar. And the wave of change is coming in November."

Taniela Sila, the chairperson of Tonga's Youth Parliament.