18 Feb 2010

Tourism consultant says plenty of opportunities for Pacific if the money is found

2:35 pm on 18 February 2010

A speaker at a regional tourism conference in Samoa says there are many ways Pacific countries can boost tourism once investors are on board.

Anna Pollock, the CEO of tourism consultancy DestiCorp, says getting capital for ventures is often a challenge, as is improving access by sea and air.

Ms Pollock says linking tourism into the core of a country's economic development plans would also benefit.

"Another thing identified is sectorial linkages. Just trying to get the various different aspects of the economies in these islands to start talking among each other and have tourism be more integrated in the economic development programme other than just sitting on the side. Marketing, branding and the key other one is developing skills at the human level on the front line and management."

Anna Pollock from DestiCorp.