19 Feb 2010

Samoa MP calls for improved medical services after baby's death

6:46 am on 19 February 2010

An opposition MP in Samoa, Levaopolo Talatonu, has called on the government

and the Ministy of Health to consider immediate action to improve medical

health services for Savaii island following the death of a mother and her

unborn child at Tuasivi hospital last week.

The pregnant mother according to the MP was rushed to the main hospital on

Savaii for delivery but there was no doctor to perform a caesarian operation

to save the unborn baby.

A doctor was arranged to travel from the national hospital in Apia but the

woman died before the arrival of the doctor.

A former HRPP cabinet minister and one of the independent MPs, Palusalue

Faapo II, says the government should provide a good pay package for a

permanent doctor to work in Savaii to avoid further embarrassment of the

country's medical service as well as to save more lives.