19 Feb 2010

EU to help Tuvalu handle waste, improve sanitation and water supply

2:13 pm on 19 February 2010

The European Union and the Tuvalu government have today signed a financing agreement of 5 point 9 million US dollars to tackle the problem of waste disposal, to improve sanitation and to provide safe drinking water to the people of Tuvalu.

In a statement, the EU said the programme will run for six years.

Under the programme's waste disposal component, the aim will be to expand and improve on the current practices of disposal on all nine islands that make up Tuvalu.

This will involve rehabilitating existing dumpsites, identifying new ones, encouraging composting and recycling, improving current waste disposal services, and establishing a system of safe collection and disposal of hazardous waste.

The project will also provide rainwater tanks to each household in the outer islands, which establishes an efficient system of collection and storage of rainwater.

For sanitation, the programme will rehabilitate defective septic systems to reduce health and environmental impacts, improve pumping systems for septic tanks and establish a treatment facility.