22 Feb 2010

American Senator visits Guam to look at plans to transfer US marines from Okinawa

3:49 pm on 22 February 2010

American senator, Jim Webb, has held talks in Guam, assessing the island's capacity to handle the planned transfer of marines from Okinawa in Japan.

The Marianas Variety reports Senator Webb saying the purpose of his visit was to listen to the leadership of Guam and the views of the island's people and those of the neighboring islands.

He says he hopes to help resolve the difficulties facing Guam regarding the buildup.

Mr Webb has also recently visited Okinawa, where he spoke about the planned relocation of the Futenma Air Base.

There is a call from some quarters in Japan for the entire base to be moved off Okinawa, with suggestions it could be located on Guam or spread between the island and the neighbouring Northern Marianas.