1 Mar 2010

Chinese operators of Ramu mine deny restricting internet access

8:05 pm on 1 March 2010

The management of the Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea's Madang province has denied claims that it's censoring internet access for its workers.

The claims surfaced on the Ramu Nickel Mine Watch blog site which claims the Chinese Metallurgical Construction company, or MCC, is blocking access to the blog for all its staff at the Ramu mine.

Johnny Blades reports:

"The MCC says that like many companies, it has placed a general restriction on staff use of the internet during working hours. It also says that given the limited bandwidth in PNG, it has to cut the flow of internet usage to ensure the normal transmission of vital working data. The MCC has been frequently criticised in recent years by civil society for the labour conditions at its mine. The Ramu site was also last year the subject of violent clashes between local and Chinese elements of the workforce. However the MCC insists there is harmony among its employees and despite claims it is blocking access to websites critical of its operations, says it welcomes open dialogue with all stakeholders."