10 Mar 2010

Vehicles donated to Samoa following tsunami sent back

11:59 am on 10 March 2010

Two vehicles brought into Samoa donated for families affected by the tsunami last year have been ordered to be sent back because they are too old.

One of the main reasons the government switched to driving on the left hand side of the road was so more cars from Australia and New Zealand could be imported.

However, Cabinet has declined to release the two vehicles because they are more than twelve years old, which does not meet the entry requirements for imported vehicles.

Opposition MP Palusalue Faapo the Second says he would prefer the age limit of imported cars be reduced to 8 years but it is good to see a firm stance is being taken to ensure cars imported for Samoa's roads are not older than 12 years.

"This will teach a lesson not only for the shipping company but also the people who are intending to send vehicles over to their families to ensure that they do according to the legislation passed by Parliament."

Palusalue Faapo the Second says it is important the country is protected from those older vehicles which produce more gas emissions.