16 Mar 2010

American Samoa's governor blames Legislature for lack of jobs

9:50 am on 16 March 2010

The American Samoa governor ,Togiola Tulafono, is blaming the Legislature for the lack of jobs for graduates returning from overseas study and others who wants to work for the territorial Government.

Togiola says Government jobs would have been available if the Fono had approved his bill giving early retirement, with incentives, to long time state workers.

The bill was first submitted to the Fono more than two years ago but lawmakers didn't act on it and it was automatically defeated.

So when the new Legislature convened early last year, the Governor re-submitted the same bill, which provides twenty thousand US dollars cash to a worker with 30-years of service and 15 thousand for 15 years of service.

Togiola says about 200 jobs will be available in the next 12 months if the Fono acts on the measure now.