17 Mar 2010

American Samoa Territorial Energy Office to get millions of dollars in funding

10:18 am on 17 March 2010

The American Samoa Territorial Energy Office is getting tens of millions of dollars in funding through the US Government's economic stimulus package, the Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

In total it is to get just over 29 million US dollars.

Just over eleven million dollars of that is going to the American Samoa Power Authority for three projects, including the installation of roof mounted solar panels on 9 facilities close to its Tafuna power plant.

The Energy Office has also awarded the Power Authority two million dollars for a diesel-organic co-generation project which will use waste heat from diesel generation to produce electricity.

The system, to be installed at the Tafuna power plant, is estimated to produce 2500 megawatt hours.

A third Authority project will test the viability of wind energy generation at several sites to determine where to build a windmill.