17 Mar 2010

US Human Rights report still faults Samoa prison

3:35 pm on 17 March 2010

Poor conditions at Samoa's Tafaigata Prison have again been highlighted by a United States yearly human rights report.

The US Department of State's report says while some renovation work's been done on the men's facility, lighting and ventilation remain poor.

It says no new cells have been built to accommodate a growing prison population, with both the men's and women's facilities holding more than the official maximum number of inmates.

The report says the government's made some improvements to the men's facility, including more bathroom privacy, vinyl flooring and painting of walls.

However, it says only basic provisions are made for food, water and sanitation and not all cells have their own toilet.

Last May, 42 inmates staged a break-out to voice their dissatisfaction over poor conditions, planning to complain directly to the Prime Minister.

But police intercepted the bus they had taken.