19 Mar 2010

English corrodes Samoan language, says ministry

2:51 pm on 19 March 2010

The Samoan Ministry of Education says the prevalence of English is having a corrosive effect on Samoan dialects with some words now needing English translations to explain them.

The Principal Communications Officer for the ministry, Faamatuainu Saivaega Vasa, says staggering the introduction of English and raising the status of Samoan in schools are combatting the problem.

"One of our main policy issues was to ensure that the teaching of our schools is being taken in both languages, in English and Samoan, right throughout the school careers of the children."

Faamatuainu Saivaega Vasa says the ministry revamped its language policy in 2007 and continues to monitor the status of the language in the classroom.