19 Mar 2010

Nauru's opposition accused of wasteful political games

6:54 pm on 19 March 2010

Nauru's Finance Minister, Kieren Keke, says the opposition hasn't learnt that the public won't accept repeated but futile attempts at moving motions of no confidence in parliament.

Nauru is set for a general election a year earlier than scheduled after the President ordered the dissolution of parliament this week.

The move was in response to a series of unsuccessful attempts by the opposition to lodge a motion against his government.

Dr Keke says the opposition is playing political games, which prevent government and parliament carrying out their key functions.

He says the opposition tried the same tactics two years ago.

"It resulted in a snap election at that time. The public voted very clearly in favour of our government and very clearly against those that had been involved in the antics at that time, with a number of them losing their seat. And it's just unfortunate that the same people that managed to retain their seats continue to play these games and still haven't learnt that the people of Nauru are totally sick and tired of it."

Kieren Keke