22 Mar 2010

American Samoa disaster relief group applauds delay in distributing disaster funds

10:22 am on 22 March 2010

An American Samoa disaster relief group says a delay in distributing aid money following last year's earthquake and tsunami is a sign of good judgement.

Senators are questioning why the half-million dollar disaster relief fund has not been touched, six months after the disaster.

They say the money could be helping those who are still living in tents.

But the Chairman the umbrella group, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, the Reverend Samuel Tialavea, says he is glad the money was not spent in haste.

"I think it was important that, rather than just to get money, collect monies, and start dishing them out, I think the haste approach of being sentimental in those situations may overlook those with the greater need."

Samuel Tialavea says there are now plans in place over how to spend the money.