23 Mar 2010

PNG's Bogia people deliver ultimatum for removal of volcano-displaced islanders

12:45 pm on 23 March 2010

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Madang province says the people of Bogia have committed to ongoing violence if thousands of refugee Manam Islanders are not resettled immediately.

Sir Arnold Amet says tensions between Bogia residents and the 15,000 islanders who fled their home when Mt Iabu erupted in 2004 have arisen as a consequence of people living in congested conditions.

He says the Manam Islanders have been living in temporary care centres where they've been allowed to establish their own food gardens, some of which are encoraching on those of local people.

"And they've given an ultimatum, they want the Manam Islanders to be moved off those lands by the Government, they've had enough over the years and we've been given notice of this over the years that the time will come when the people will rise up in arms."

Sir Arnold Amet says he expects the Government to present some proposals for resettling the Manam Islanders within the next few days.