24 Mar 2010

Tahiti's Rolls Royce importation case still undecided

1:50 pm on 24 March 2010

A decision is still pending in French Polynesia in the case of the owner of Tahiti's only Rolls Royce seeking to have the car returned after customs officials seized it in December.

Rene Hoffer had lodged a complaint against the officials, claiming that three court cases confirmed that his importation of the vehicle from California in 2008 was legal despite demands by the customs that he pay import duty.

Mr Hoffer's case has been in court this week and the judge is expected to release his ruling within the next few days.

He says the customs officials have only demanded verbally that he pay the duty and never given him a bill in writing, which he says he would challenge in court.

Mr Hoffer says the French customs law is not applicable in Tahiti.