24 Mar 2010

Tuvalu says Taiwan shares its climate change concerns

3:06 pm on 24 March 2010

The government of Tuvalu says the President of Taiwan has voiced his concern about the impact of climate change on Tuvalu.

President Ma Ying-jeou is currently touring the six Pacific countries Taiwan maintains diplomatic ties with, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, the Marshall Islands, Palau, and Solomon Islands.

China has claimed sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan since 1949, and the two had vied for diplomatic support in the Pacific before a truce was struck following President Ma's election in 2008.

The secretary for the Tuvalu government, Solofa Uota, says during his four-hour visit yesterday was shown strong evidence of climate change

"He was guided and toured the site where we thought that the President would be convinced on our call for a reduction in emissions in the industrialised world and we want to maintain our standards what we talked ab out at Copenhagen."

Solofa Uota says Tuvalu is backing Taiwan's bid to be included in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.