30 Mar 2010

Foreign companies should pay assessment fee says official in American Samoa

10:43 am on 30 March 2010

The Chairman of the Immigration Board in American Samoa, Fa'afetai Vaimaona has recommended that foreign businesses be assessed a 2,500 US dollar fee if they wish to set up in the territory.

Mr Vaimaona made the suggestion during a hearing last week on the immigration reform bill.

He told the Senate Legal Affairs Committee that according to media reports, business individuals pay up to 20,000 dollars to their agents to initiate the process of setting up shop in American Samoa.

He says if they can afford to pay 20,000 to their agents then they can afford a 2,500 dollar fee.

Mr Vaimaona added that if foreign business don't like this, they can leave and take their money with them.