14 Apr 2010

Fiji TV denies journalists were moved because pair were biased against regime

11:44 am on 14 April 2010

Fiji TV has confirmed that its head of news and news editor have been transferred to different departments within the company.

The Head of News Merana Kitiona has been transferred to a training role and Anish Chand has been transferred to a role of team leader for production.

According to the Fijivillage website the Permanent Secretary for Information and Fiji Television board member, Lt Colonel Neumi Leweni says Fiji TV management was asked to remove the two news members from their positions because of their alleged bias.

However, Colonel lt Leweni would not confirm this.

"All I can tell you on that issue, I am speaking to you as a board member of Fiji TV, that it was an internal matter dealt with by the management of Fiji One and the matter rests there."

Fiji Television denies it moved the two senior journalists because they were biased against the interim government and had links to a political party.

Fiji TV's lawyer, Tanya Waqanika, says other staff were also moved, and Ms Kitione was needed for training.

Merana Kitione is one of our chief credited trainers and we are going to be using her in other areas as well with other subsidiaries as well.

Tanya Waqanika.