20 Apr 2010

Marshall Islands conference on HIV/AIDS hears discrimination is a problem

10:47 am on 20 April 2010

A Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation representative told a conference in Marshall Islands last week that discrimination towards HIV-positive people in the region is still a big problem.

The summit brought together experts from the American affiliates states to hear about their experience living with - and fighting HIV/AIDS.

Among the participants was also the Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation's, Temo Sasau, who told his story after contracting AIDS.

Mr Sasau says discrimination is a huge problem in the whole region.

"That came out loud and clear. Stigma and discrimination thrives in any community and only education will take care it. One of the messages coming up was this issue that it's a sinuous disease. It's a punishment from god. So it's still out there."

Temo Sasau says many people also don't know that there're drugs to treat the illness.