20 Apr 2010

Cooks maire exporter unconcerned about Hawaii competition

12:41 pm on 20 April 2010

A Cook Islands exporter of the maire, or tropical vine, to Hawaii says she isn't worried about the impact of a new 26-acre maire farm in Hawaii on her business.

The Ka Mahiai Ihi o Wailea farm on Hawaii island plans to plant its first large-scale maire crop this year.

Maire has been in high demand in Hawaii with most of the supply being imported from the Cook Islands.

Verokura Andrew says it's likely to take some time for the vine to grow, depending on the soil.

"I'm not too sure whether it will affect, but we will just have to wait. We are just looking at how the maire grows on the makatea. Im not sure if the Hawaiians are going to grow it on makatea grounds because just trying to grow it in soil is not going to work."

Verokura Andrew says Hawaii is the only maire export market of the Cook Islands.