20 Apr 2010

Questions over capability to maintain Niue transmission tower

9:37 pm on 20 April 2010

An opposition MP on Niue is questioning how well Niue's main transmission tower can withstand another cyclone, and if Niue has the capability to maintain the tower.

People living on the northern side of Niue have been months without television reception while they wait for a fault on the main transmission tower to be repaired.

Niue is awaiting Chinese assistance to make the repairs after microwave equipment on the islands main transmissions tower failed at the beginning of February.

An opposition MP, Terry Coe, says he's unsure how well the tower can withstand a cyclone considering it's already broken down, and even if transmissions issues can be fixed, Niue seems to be incapable of maintaining the equipment.

"That would be true with all aid items put in to Niue. We get these new things put in and then we can't look after them or we don't look after them and that goes with mechanical equipment, plant etcetera, buildings, and of course the biggest cost overall is in the maintenance of these assets that we've been given from donors. 22 secs"

Opposition MP in Niue, Terry Coe.