22 Apr 2010

Solomon Islands PM threatens to sack five of his ministers

9:44 am on 22 April 2010

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister threatened to sack five of his ministers last night, after accusing them of sabotaging the government's political party bill.

The bill, which aims to stabilise politics by strengthening the weak political party system, was rejected by parliament yesterday.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says five ministers were absent from the parliamentary chamber when the bill was about to be voted on, and the Prime Minister Derek Sikua accused them of being bought off.

She says the Prime Minister said they would receive termination letters this morning if they could not explain their absence.

"Now whether the Prime Minister is just being paranoid or he is actually basing his decisions on some concrete evidence he has that some of his ministers have switched alliances on this bill is not clear."

Dorothy Wickham says they are waiting to hear whether the Prime Minister has followed through on his threat this morning.