28 Apr 2010

System to protect children in Vanuatu under development

7:23 am on 28 April 2010

A spokesperson for the Vanuatu government says a nationwide system to protect children is under development.

The murders of a woman and her three year-old daughter in Port Vila last week have sparked calls for more services such as temporary accommodation for young mothers and an orphanage for unwanted children.

Jenny Ligo, the Vanuatu Government's child desk officer, says they are already looking to establish neighbourhood watch groups as part of a crime prevention initiative, and community centres where women can go for help.

She says the government is also consulting with the community about a national child protection system.

"What we are trying to do with this system is to protect children from harm, abuse, neglect from violence. That is the system the Vanuatu government is looking into now."

Jenny Ligo says the group Women Against Crime, which she chairs, is organising a march to urge the community not to tolerate crime against women and children.