5 May 2010

Art in lives of Pacific people raised at summit in NZ

11:55 am on 5 May 2010

A summit that has been developed to create discussion about the role of the arts in the lives of Pacific People has begun in New Zealand.

The Manukau Pacific Arts Summit is expanding upon the Manukau Art exhibitions gallery, Fresh Gallery, as a platform to springboard artists to other opportunities.

The summit includes a creative careers youth expo, a poetry slam, a curating forum and music, photography and arts exhibitions.

The Pacific Arts Co-ordinator, Ema Tavola, says they want all eyes to be on Manukau City for people to recognise the South Auckland arts scene is at a real grass-roots and community level.

"Particularly moving towards the new Auckland council government structure. So we really wanna identify that there's no other territorial authority in New Zealand that has a Pacific Arts co-ordinator, which is my new role, it's a full time position and it's because the culture here is so robust. Moving in to the new regional model we really wanna say Pacific Arts is at home in South Auckland. This is where we wanna be a capital for our region."

The Pacific Arts Co-ordinator, Ema Tavola.

The summit runs until the end of May.