21 May 2010

Fiji's new acting secretary for information hopes to improve communication

10:24 am on 21 May 2010

Fiji's newly appointed acting secretary for information says her aim is to improve communication between the interim regime and the media.

Sharon Johns has been in her role for three weeks, with a media that is still operating under censorship, more than a year after the Public Emergency Regulations were imposed, following the abrogation of Fiji's constitution.

She says she wants to open up the channels of communication, by making ministers and civil servants more available to the media.

"It has been difficult. The government is always willing to talk to the media. There has been some irresponsible reporting in the past, and we all know that, we recognise that, both sides. But I think moving forward, we can't spend too much time looking at the past, what is past is past, it is moving forward, it is forming relationships, it is understanding from both sides."

Sharon Johns says the government does not want to gag the media, and the media decree, when it is implemented, will ensure balanced reporting.