2 Jun 2010

New Cook Islands cultural village to be unveiled

8:30 pm on 2 June 2010

A new Cook Islands cultural village, named after a well known dancer, is to be opened next week.

Te Vara Nui Village is set on Muri Beach in Rarotonga and is named after Te Vara Hunter, who was famous for showcasing Cook Islands culture throughout the Pacific.

Its Marketing and Sales Manager, Glenda Tuaine, says one highlight of the tourist attraction is the Ura Po cultural show.

"On this ground they've created a man made lake. They have all the lusciousness of our tropical gardens, and centred and circled around the lake are three Are, which people can view the show from. They have a beautiful umukai and buffet experience when they come to the show. And it tells a legend - the legend of dance."

Glenda Tuaine says the aim is to preserve and portray the ethnicity, arts and crafts of the Cook Islands to the world.