9 Jun 2010

CNMI under a state of emergency due to a lack of fuel

6:34 am on 9 June 2010

The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas is now under a state of emergency due to the lack of sufficient fuel to power the islands' generators.

The current fuel supply for Saipan will last only a day or two after the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation managed to procure only 480 thousand litres of fuel yesterday.

The CUC executive director, Tony Muna, confirmed the Fitial administration gave the CUC over 300,000 US dollars on Monday to buy fuel for power plants 1 and 4.

A total of 317 thousand litres went yesterday to Power Plant 1, while about 158 thousand litres went to Power Plant 4.

Mr Muna says the state of emergency declaration suspends procurement and regulatory provisions to allow Governor Benigno Fitial to reprogramme funds as necessary to meet the emergency.

Tony Muna says the CUC still needs to find 1.2 million US dollars to place a new order for the next few days' supply of fuel.