9 Jun 2010

CID still sees role despite NZ funding cut

3:03 pm on 9 June 2010

The chief executive of New Zealand's Council for International Development, says there will be still be a role for the organisation despite the Government cutting its funding.

CID, which serves as an umbrella agency for around 100 NGOs in New Zealand, has had its core funding progressively cut over the past year, forcing it to make its last eight staff redundant at the end of May.

CEO David Culverhouse says the agency will continue with membership income used to pay for one staff member, who'll maintain links with the NGO community.

He says the cut shows New Zealand is no longer committed to achieving previously agreed specific development outcomes with its foreign aid spending.

"It's often described as the old New Zealand aid was looking at what was good for developing countries. The new agency is looking at what is good for New Zealand. And so we are having this change of focus which started 14 months ago when NZAID [ New Zealand Agency for International Development ] was re-integrated into MFAT [Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade] and those priorities are now starting to bite."

A spokesperson for the Minister of Foreign Affairs says there's more money for NGOs to help fund projects in the Pacific, but not for bureaucracy.