28 Jun 2010

Controversy surrounds reappointment of Sir Paulias Matane as PNG Governor General

3:33 pm on 28 June 2010

Papua New Guinea's Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane has been controversially re-appointed to the role without a secret ballot being held.

There was heated parliamentary debate on Friday over Sir Paulius' nomination and his eventual appointment.

Earlier, Speaker Jeffery Nape announced to parliament the nominees and informed the house that for Sir Paulius to be eligible for a second term, MPs had to approve by a two-thirds majority, or over 73 votes.

Parliament voted 84-13 in favour of Sir Paulius to run again, which prompted the Speaker to declared Sir Paulius duly elected.

But this prompted loud protest and abuse from MPs and the public gallery.

The opposition accused the speaker of breaching parliamentary process by denying other candidates an opportunity to run for the post.

However Mr Nape claimed that since a majority of MPs had already shown their support for his nomination, Sir Paulius was effectively re-elected.

The speaker then promptly adjourned parliament until July 20th.