5 Jul 2010

Nauru to make fresh attempt to choose president

1:21 pm on 5 July 2010

Nauru's parliament will meet tomorrow to try to agree on a new president, after the new speaker agreed to take the position on condition that the incumbent president stand down.

Last week, an opposition member Aloysius Amwano said he would only assume the role of speaker if Marcus Stephen stood aside.

Mr Stephen said he would do so on the condition that the new president came from the government side.

Mr Amano then agreed to be speaker and said he was confident the matter would soon be resolved.

However, the Director of Media, Rod Henshaw, says it's unclear what will happen tomorrow

"The non-negotiable factor here is that yes Marcus Stephen would stand down but the presidency would have to remain in the current government group. The speaker is wanting as I understand somebody else to be president, the opposition is wanting somebody else to be president."

Rod Henshaw says Mr Amwano has indicated that if a resolution is not reached tomorrow he could review his position as speaker.